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Add to the Beauty

I sat down at the piano today because I was stuck. Emotionally constipated. I needed to put a sound to how I was feeling, because no words were coming. I doodled in and out of some of the Aurora Crossing songs (coming soon!), and then started playing Add to the Beauty by Sara Groves.

We come with beautiful secrets

We come with purposes written on our hearts, written on our souls

We come to every new morning with possibilities only we can hold, only we can hold

Redemption comes in strange places, small spaces, calling out the best of who we are:

And I want to add to the beauty, to tell a better story

I want to shine with the light that’s burning up inside. (Complete lyrics are here.)

You know what’s weird? Pain is part of the light that is burning up inside of me. A deep desire to figure out what the it means to be human. Here are my thoughts on that, so far:

  • Everyone has pain–no one is exempt. 
  • Everyone is insecure (especially the people who look like they have it all together)
  • We are ALL deeply afraid of being rejected and alone. We will do whatever it takes to avoid this possibility.
  • Our natural human tendency is to posture, put on mask, and create an image to hide our inadequacies, weaknesses, and anything that might cause us to be “disqualified” from love. This results in most of us feeling deeply alone.
  • The only way to actually BE LOVED is to RISK BEING UNLOVED by displaying the “unacceptable” parts of ourselves, and letting them be seen, known, and cherished by others.
  • When we show up vulnerably, it creates openings for other people to do the same, and we suddenly realize we’re not alone in our pain.

So pain can be a light inside of us–something beautiful, redemptive, that creates an opening for authentic relationship. When offered in honesty and love, our failures and weaknesses are an invitation for others to connect with us in our most tender places. Vulnerability is the only path I know that can heal us. Our pain is a gift that can add to the beauty, if we are willing to share it.

What stops you from showing up authentically? What would you have to let go of, in order to “show up” authentically?




Choosing Life. Now.

If you had 3 hours to empower 150,000 people in a measurable way, how would you do it?

That’s the challenge 19 people were given this past weekend at a conference on transformative living. We were part of that group—and in an effort to contribute to that goal, we decided to make a little video of Ana doing a poem—and the protest began.

We are Aurora Crossing—two artists who are choosing to build an extraordinary life after being victimized by sexual abuse. We’re committed to creating vulnerable, authentic art that inspires and empowers people to tell their stories. In the process, we are protesting against the limiting beliefs that are formed by experiences of sexual exploitation. 

In this video, we are protesting society’s standards of beauty, and standing for self acceptance.

Aurora Crossing is about choosing the possibility of life and beauty in spite of sexual abuse. We are addictive, messy, undone, anxiety-wrecked, afraid of intimacy and self protective (like everyone else). And, we are, moment by moment, courageously choosing life over death, grief over addiction, risk over isolation, and trust over betrayal. We are artists, a poet and a singer, and we are offering you broken pieces of our stories, in the hope that you will find fragments of yourself in them, whoever you are.  Come with us, find your voice, and learn to sing again.



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