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KICKSTARTER GIVEAWAY: premium coffee, a Target card, or movie tickets

Hey everyone!

There are LESS THAN 72 HOURS LEFT TO GIVE TO THE KICKSTARTER! You can get a pre-sale download of the album for just $5. That’s a pretty sweet deal. All proceeds in the next 72 hours will go to fund my concerts in India to raise awareness about child prostitution. We already purchased the airfare for my band to go ($6000) on a credit card, so we are totally committed. Please help us get there!


We will randomly select 3 Backers who give $10+ in the next 72 hours to win either: 


1) GIVE $10 to the Kickstarter to be entered to win a prize!* Click here:

2) Forward this email to friends!**  

3) PRAY for our fundraising efforts & for the well-being of everyone involved in the recording & tour. This week, I got into a minor car accident this week, and two of our partners in India are having unexpected, major health issues. 

Love & Gratitude,


*If you’ve already given, you can add $10 to your donation and be entered into the Giveaway.
**New Backers who give $10 are still able to select a Backer reward, in addition to be entered into the Giveaway.


“Caged Bird” Tour in INDIA!

Hey Friends!

What an amazing 2 weeks! We raised over $16K in just 7 days. I took a few days off to give thanks & re-group after the whirlwind, and today I’m getting back on the horse! We’ve got 2 weeks left in our Kickstarter campaign, and why stop now?

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After much thought, I’ve decided that I will use whatever additional funds we raise (above and beyond the $16.5K people gave for the album) to help offset the cost of our tour to India this October. The trip costs $14K for my band, and each band member has to cover their own expenses ($3500\person). To be clear: all additional Kickstarter funds will help pay tour expenses, including airfare, lodging, local transport, and meals.




While we are in India, we will be:

Giving concerts of “Caged Bird” music to raise awareness about the human trafficking crisis in NE India. Many people are unaware of ploys that traffickers use to lure girls into prostitution. Many families believe their daughters are going to work in the city as a maid or waitress, when in reality they are trafficked into Bangladesh, China or other parts of India and forced to work in brothels. The education component of our concerts will focus on creating a safer community for those who are vulnerable to trafficking.

Connecting with the “Seven Sisters International” trafficking victims’ safe house to explore the possibility of partnering in the future. This is the only safe house for victims of human trafficking in all of NE India (population 40 million).

india train

Doing concerts & teaching a “Freedom 101” class in partnership with a local Indian non-profit. Part of the Freedom 101 curriculum focuses on overcoming the debilitating power of shame & learning to tell our stories (including experiences of trauma) in a loving, safe environment. We are performing & teaching, while the non-profit staff provides follow up for attendees. At one of their recent youth events, many young women took the first step to “living free” from shame by sharing their experiences of rape & abuse with the staff. Here are a few facts to put in perspective why this is SUCH AN INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY:


Here’s how you can help TAKE THIS TO THE NEXT LEVEL: 

Let’s get 1000 Backers & $30K to help take “Caged Bird” to India and create new possibilities for people to Live Free!



Chelsea {Marie} Davis


It all ends at 11AM

By “it” I mean the Kickstarter madness! There are only a FEW HOURS LEFT TO:

1. Support my tour to India (We were just invited to do a private concert for girls rescued out of sex slavery, in conjunction with 7 Sisters International!)

2. Pre-purchase the “Caged Bird” album for the steal of $5! Or, for $10, get a copy for you & a friend!


This is has been a crazy, wild, blessed ride. There are a MANY things I’ve been learning through this process. Here are a few tidbits.

1. You never know until you ask. A lot of people came out of the woodwork to support me & this album. Sometimes I make assumptions about who will want to support me, and I actually close down opportunities for people to partner with me, simply by not asking them.

2. Help people help you: make specific requests. I noticed that friends and family responded readily when I made a specific requests (please give $100 if you can, on the day the Kickstarter opens). The easier I made it for people to know how to help me (please click HERE to share), the more help I got. :)

3. Use your gifts and know your weaknesses. I had some awesome, organized, administratively minded friends help me with a lot of the grunt work of the campaign. They kept me sane when I wanted to throw my computer at the wall after trying to format the same sentence 15 times and failing.

4. Trust God & trust people. This is one of the SCARIEST, MOST VULNERABLE things I’ve ever done. I was so anxious leading up to the Kickstarter launch. (What if we don’t make the money? What if people don’t support me? What if? What if?) I could’ve let those what if’s keep me from launching… or keep me from being ALL IN to the campaign. I had some good friends talk me off the what-the-heck-am-I-doing cliff: :”No matter what happens, it’s going to be ok. Now go kick butt and take names!”

I will share more later when I’ve had time to digest it more. For now, I’m gonna put on my celebration hat, relax for a couple days, and then record an amazing album in August!


Thank You - Danke

Thank You – Danke (Photo credit: AlicePopkorn)

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