It all ends at 11AM

By “it” I mean the Kickstarter madness! There are only a FEW HOURS LEFT TO:

1. Support my tour to India (We were just invited to do a private concert for girls rescued out of sex slavery, in conjunction with 7 Sisters International!)

2. Pre-purchase the “Caged Bird” album for the steal of $5! Or, for $10, get a copy for you & a friend!


This is has been a crazy, wild, blessed ride. There are a MANY things I’ve been learning through this process. Here are a few tidbits.

1. You never know until you ask. A lot of people came out of the woodwork to support me & this album. Sometimes I make assumptions about who will want to support me, and I actually close down opportunities for people to partner with me, simply by not asking them.

2. Help people help you: make specific requests. I noticed that friends and family responded readily when I made a specific requests (please give $100 if you can, on the day the Kickstarter opens). The easier I made it for people to know how to help me (please click HERE to share), the more help I got. :)

3. Use your gifts and know your weaknesses. I had some awesome, organized, administratively minded friends help me with a lot of the grunt work of the campaign. They kept me sane when I wanted to throw my computer at the wall after trying to format the same sentence 15 times and failing.

4. Trust God & trust people. This is one of the SCARIEST, MOST VULNERABLE things I’ve ever done. I was so anxious leading up to the Kickstarter launch. (What if we don’t make the money? What if people don’t support me? What if? What if?) I could’ve let those what if’s keep me from launching… or keep me from being ALL IN to the campaign. I had some good friends talk me off the what-the-heck-am-I-doing cliff: :”No matter what happens, it’s going to be ok. Now go kick butt and take names!”

I will share more later when I’ve had time to digest it more. For now, I’m gonna put on my celebration hat, relax for a couple days, and then record an amazing album in August!


Thank You - Danke

Thank You – Danke (Photo credit: AlicePopkorn)

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